SeeHog has rich experience and high quality manager management team to handle imported shipment in China. Mainly focuse on imported Customs clearance. We are in the business operation. Marketing management. Enterprise management......


Maritime logistics

We serve manufacturers, retailers, traders, contractors, forwarders and shipping lines with the transport, handling, storage and clearance of a wide variety of industrial and consumer goods. We keep their business going.

Global logistics

Our customers operate in numerous industries, all having their own dynamics and requirements. 

Over the years we have built up extensive expertize to improve your supply chain's performance in your specific industry.

Import and Export

We provide in-house forwarding , customs, terminal, warehousing and complementary services for the transport and handling of a wide variety of industrial- and consumer goods in containers, break bulk and project loads.

Import clearance

Through our multi-modal platform consisting of people, services, facilities and systems we create transparency and visibility in your supply chain to optimize its performance in terms of continuity, inventory, cost and carbon footprint.

Port clearance

Via our main hub in Antwerp and our networks of offices and agents, we connect Europe, HongKong and Africa with the rest of the world.

Wherever your shipment needs to go, we can take it there.

HongKong customs clearance

HongKong and other Asian countries produce over 50% of the world's consumer- and industrial goods.

Through our offices in HongKong and Thailand we provide frequent and reliable sea- and air freight services to and from Europe.

Loading and unloading

Our main site with inland container terminal is conveniently located close to the port of Antwerp and at the intersection of three European highways.

With barge connections to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam (by request) shift freight from road to water.

HongKong warehousing

Clearing customs quickly and smoothly is a necessary step for every shipper.

Discover how our in-house and AEO certified customs services will help your swift entry into and exit from the European Union.


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